Please continue to pray for Hermon Hira and Elohim Church in Bangladesh. You may read more about him and his ministry on these previous posts. I communicate often with Hermon. His heart for Jesus is strong. And his wife, Toma, ministers as well. Today is our brother’s birthday. I hope you will consider emailing birthday wishes: 

From Brother Hira:

Thanks beloved for your prayers about our evangelical tour in mountain area of Bangladesh. We could able to shared Gospel with so many tribes village. So many brother and sister accepted Jesus Christ as their savior. We could able to provide 100+ Bible, we need more huge Bangla Bible for our ministry please pray for that.

Please pray for our Christmas program. We need a support for our 20 poor widows mom whom we can provide a small Christmas gift. We need a monthly support for our poor widows for their whole month food and treatment (if need) cost.