Please continue to join me in praying for Tap Raj Bhatta and his wife, Maya, who work with Jesus Film Media, Nepal Campus Crusade for Christ. This ministry translates the Jesus film into other languages to reach more for Jesus. You may read more about the ministry here:

I am late sending these articles from their October newsletter. Please note special need for a car: “I have a 7 year old motorbike with good condition for local travel in farwest Nepal. But it is not suitable to travel on it for long distant of Nepal so it is time for a seconed handed car. [Read more below.]

Here are the articles from the newsletter:

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ from the Bhatta Family
Dear Respected Ministry Partner,
We are very happy to meet you again thorough this newsletter
and hope you will be enjoy reading this report. Once again, by the
grace of God we are able to update our ministry news. We know that
you are continue praying for us and our ministry, so we are thankful
to you and it is our privilege to be ministry partner. We don’t know
what we would do without your prayer because without your partnership we are nothing in ministry. We are so grateful for your prayerfully support and your creative thinking so, we would like to thank
with a great appreciation for your partnership and thank you very
much for giving time to pray and making an adventures commitment of investing in our ministry.

God’s Kind Provision
More than 600,000 people in Nepal speak Awadhi, representing over 20 people groups. The
vast majority follow Hinduism—a religion of many gods—but some have chosen to follow Islam. This
meant it was difficult for our recording team to find Awadhi-speaking voice actors willing to record a
Christian film. We prayed, and God graciously provided a professional voice actor for the narrator
role. This man gave his sweet voice, speaking the classic Awadhi language for a film about Christ. Not
only that, but he actively helped us locate other quality voice actors. For many years he and some of his
recruits have been part of a group working to protect the Awadhi language. God displayed His goodness toward us; we found all the voice actors we needed.

Looking for a Savior
Our team recorded in Nepalgunj city with a high number of Awadhi speakers but very few
Christians. I believe the people are looking for a real savior, one who can forgive their sins and give
them eternal life. After watching the film, they may understand how Jesus is vastly different from their

Although some practices—such as marrying off girls before the age of 15—are now considered illegal in Nepal, the custom continues among impoverished families. The younger the girl, the less dowry price the husband’s family must pay. Practices like these keep some people trapped in a system that affects girls’ and young women’s health, as well as the ability to get an education. God can use the JESUS film to help break the yoke of Awadhi speakers’ spiritual and cultural dependence and show them that God loves and values every person as His creation.

JESUS can also be an effective tool among the illiterate. Church workers and the staff of Cru Nepal® plan to reach many neighborhoods with the film, knowing how much Awadhi speakers love
their language. Through the JESUS film, these workers hope that God will help the people understand who He is, worth following as Savior and Lord. Our team saw God begin to use JESUS while
we were still in the studio. We pray the film’s influence continues for years to come!
Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ from the Bhatta Family

“Only one life will soon be past,
Only what’s done for Christ will last.”

Taking Opportunities to Present the Gospel:
A man from a Muslim background lent his voice for two characters in the film. Our team members shared
the gospel with him, and he responded positively. Though he didn’t choose to put his trust in Christ at
that time, he began to ask more questions about Christianity and requested to stay in touch with us after the recording. He wants to learn more about the Lord Jesus! He believes that Jesus was sent from heaven, but after Muhammad came, Jesus’ time as a prophet was over. Our Muslim friend believes Jesus will come
again at the end of the world to judge the people. His prior study of the Bible has given him some background God can use for our future interactions.

Two Hindu voice actors also responded positively when I spoke with them about Christ, comparing Christianity with Hinduism. I grew up in a Hindu family before encountering Jesus, and my basic
knowledge of Hinduism prepared me for this opportunity. I explained how God created the world, whereas Hindus believe Brahma created the world. These men, who voiced the parts of Herod and Pilate, also expressed an interest to learn more about Jesus! In the future they can watch JESUS in their own language, and their voices—captured in the film—will help tell the story of Christ to the Awadhi-speaking people.

Please Kindly Pray to God for a Car:
Nepal is a country of diverse languages and there are almost 123 recognized dialects and 125 people
groups. Diversity of language make difficult to communicate among each other and all people do not understand “Nepali” language in Nepal, means this language alone is not being helpful to reach all people of different language groups. For such people, Cru Nepal started to the work on translating and dubbing the Jesus film in different local languages of country. This work is still going on
and we are constantly working on dubbing on more languages. This is being very effective tool to reach out different groups of people in their own heart language.

Visual depiction of the gospel can dispel longheld assumptions and Nepalese people’ eyes to Christ’s
great provision of salvation. Therefore, we want to continue recording remaining languages. But last year, due to COVID-19, we were able to dub only three languages. I praise God for using us midst of pandemic. This challenge is not over yet. In the midst of this challenge, we want to move ahead to complete the rest of our recording work . You know we have to travel a lot for this project and I am also turning 49 years old. It is not such easy to travel by public transport in this age. Another thing, traveling by public transport is still very risky so, we are praying to God to provide a car for ministry purpose.

And I humbly request you to pray for this needs. We need your prayers for our ministry because without your prayer we can do nothing in ministry so, I appreciate your prayers. Our National director is also prayerfully encouraging us to take step of faith for the a car. I am very grateful to national director of Cru Nepal for his love , concern and allowing us to effort for a car. I thank God very much for him. From the beginning as our spiritual leader he has understood our ministry needs.

If it is God’s will, we wants to purchase a simple and second-handed car that is efficient moderate in price and suitable in Nepal. The cost of car will come almost US$ 15,000-18,000. Therefore, I request you to pray. . . . A car can be a means safe travel from COVID-19 for JF ministry. For us, a car is a tool that dramatically increases our productivity and consistency in JF ministry. We strongly believe that with a car, we can minister to people in more distant districts of Nepal; can visit more language people group and leaders during the recording and encourage them individually. Car will enable us to travel faster and cover more dialects of Nepal, allowing us to touch more lives, recruit them for His Kingdom.

P r ay e r P o i n T s
— Ask God for His wisdom and protection for future Jesus Film Project Project® recording i n N e p a l .
— Pray that God would supply our ministerial and personal needs for the Ministry Year 2021/22.

With Love and Prayer
Tap Raj and Maya Bhatta
Cru Nepal, JESUS Film Media
Ph. # +977-91-521457, Cell 9858425653
For Further Information:-
Rev. Tara Singh Kathayat
(National Director of Cru Nepal)
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