Please join me in praising God for this wonderful report from Pastor Davis Juma in Kenya and praying for these needs. If you like, you can email him at And you can read about his ministry in these previous posts. And take a few minutes to visit his new website here.

From Pastor Juma:

The bible Bible distribution has been a blessing to the new converts. Through there are 140 new converts but the 20 that were distributed to them will help them so such. When they received them they broke into songs of praises and thanked God for saving them and  remembering them so that they get the Bibles in their own language.  I have never seen such joy before among the new believers.
These Bibles will serve the entire region. I am told that those from other Maasai villages will be coming to borrow them upon hearing about it. The church prayed that God blesses where the Bibles came from.  If I had not gone back to give them these Bibles they would have not known what to do. I am gladly sharing these bible distribution pictures [above and below] to the people of Maasiland 
Please pray for:
1. More Maasai Bibles.
2. The orphans House in Busia under me that needs $1,500 for its completion so that they enter it before Christmas. 
3. A strong vehicle for my transportation.  I am spending much money on transport only and if I had my own mission  vehicle the work of evangelism would have been easier.  There are any places in East and Central Africa that either are less evangelized or they are have not been evangelized at all from the experience I have after visiting many places. If I can get a strong vehicle I  will go to any places witnessing to them. 
4. God to send donors and ministry partners to stand with my ministry of evangelism, church planting and discipleship in East and Central Africa.
5. Support and scholarships for the orphans under me. Pray specifically for a land to  construct schools (elementary and secondary), health Centre and a vocational centre. 
6. Swahili Bibles for the 33 churches I have planted and oversee.
7. More souls to receive Christ and grow  in His knowledge. 
8. My younger son’s healing