Please join me in continued prayer for missionaries Victor and Dorcas Mushimbami and their ministry in Tanzania (they are from Zambia). You may read more about their ministry in these previous posts. Their six-month update is below. It is rather lengthy but I hope you will take a few minutes to read it. It will give you a picture of the challenges of ministry in this area and how to pray. Feel free to email them to let them know you are praying for them!



DATE: 01/09/2021


It was not easy the very first time our feet hit the ground of Tanzanian. We could not manage to get work and residence permit last year until God allowed us to live and work in Tanzanian this year. It is his own harvest and he chooses who should work into it as we corporate with him in praying for more workers. By his grace, we have managed to start a church in our house and three house bible study groups in three different locations. We are identifying problems and prayerfully find ways to solve them so that we could meet souls of Tanzania both physically and spiritually.

We would love to open a window in our lives and ministry so that a church and our friends may know what has been going on here. The challenges we have faced the suggestions on how to solve them, our daily schedule, progress that has been done in church planting and other things we would love the church and mission friends to know. God has graced us to know what is on the ground, we also found out some of the information in this report from the local missionaries {Andrew and Daniel}


Our work is from Tuesday to Saturday. We do rest on Sundays and Monday. When duty calls, we also sometimes work on Mondays. Our work schedule is as follows:

  • Tuesday: we have English program. English is one of the treasured languages in Tanzania. All of the Tanzanian wants to learn it. It is one of the strategies to attract and preach the gospel. It is also part of helping the community because it is for free. We start from 10:00am to 12am; then 17:00{5pm} to 18{6pm}. We also move around on the same day, to know the place, people and how we could influence the community, as the church, with the love of Christ through preaching the gospel and meeting them at the point of their needs.
  • Wednesday: it is also a busy day. We move around making friendship with unreached children. We want to see how we could start having games with them in order to win parent’s trust. Two children have been allowed to come at our place. We are little by little buying toys in order to attract them. We sometimes allow them to play games {tablet games}. On the same day, we pray and fast, study the word of God and seek guidance from the lord.
  • Thursday: we move around to preach the gospel and see opportunities around us. We also visit schools in order to see if they could allow us preach the gospel. We meet with Agape Baptist potential leaders. We teach them doctrines so that they might not fall for anything.
  • Friday: We have bible study in a place called Chunvuni. It has one of the unreached people groups of Tanzania. Our bible study starts from 16:00{4pm} to 18:006pm}. We also visit unreached homes, just to greet them and share what we have. We preach in both primary and secondary schools.
  • Saturday: We have Agape Baptist Church mission School. We spread our sound teaching and doctrines in both members and leaders from different denominations. Our training is from 10:00 am to 12:00am. Then from 17:00{5pm} to 16:00{6pm}, we have bible study. Program for youths in progress.
  • Sunday: we have church service from 10:00am to 11:45am. After church service, we have one on one with new members just to know them. From 17:00{5pm to 18:00{6pm}, we have bible study group in Mwakizalo. These are mostly women. We are also planning to start empowering them with business skills and capitals. After bible study, we target unreached women and know where they stay.
  • Monday: is as day we rest and have time as a family. I take my wife and baby out just to enjoy and encourage each other. With or without money, it is a family day where we enjoy each other’s company.


  • Christians are slowly converting into Islam due to high level of poverty and Islam population. Christians are having babies from Muslims men. They are then told to change both a mother and baby’s name. Failure to that, results into losing a man or marriage.
  • False teachings are one of the biggest problems and enemy of the church.
  • Tanga is known as “Region of Islam”. Our evangelism is slow because Muslim evangelization starts with friendship. Our church is therefore facing slow church growth
  • We have come during the time when people are fading-up with division among Christians. This division is affecting churches negatively it has also reached the government’s attention.
  • Women are kept home. Cooking is one of the main jobs of women. We have less training of women here In Tanga.
  • Tanga people depend on witchdoctors, including some Christian’s leaders. They use charms to attract donors and grow their churches.
  • High level of poverty in Tanga and sickness. Children are in and out of hospitals because of the food they eat and soap they use. Tanzania has got lot of health foods, but Tanzanian prefers having artificial foods that are making them unhealthy. UTI is a talk of a day and it has become normal.
  • Most of the people we are preaching to want to see our own church registration.
  • Some members don’t want to attend church because it is in a house. Tanga has been influenced by Muslim culture.
  • Just after the vice president took over from Magufuli, the economy started going doing and prices are going up
  • Muslims burn new churches and chase new pastors from the community.


  • We have a feeding program. This has made people outside the church to see love in our midst. Muslims are now talking about how we as Christians love each other.
  • Make friendship with Muslims to avoid any danger. They have a history of burning houses and churches. They are still chasing Christians from their communities even now. We have won their love and trust.
  • We have not joined in ongoing conflicts between Christians here in Tanga. We have holding a neutral ground and praying for peace.
  • We have started a training which will be promoting sound teaching. Both people from outside and our members are attending. We are praying it will be able to defend the sound doctrine and get rid of false teachings from the church and believers.
  • We are thinking about starting farming. This will be very helpful to our feeding program and to us. This we will take care of Agape members here in Tanga.
  • We would love to suggest and make a request that we register the church and find a room in town. These will make the church to be completely in the hands of God, not in the association’s hands. They have killed many churches here in Tanga and finding a place will allow those who are a bit far from us to attend the church freely.
  • Shift into a small house. The reason why we liked this big house is because it has a good place outside and sitting room for church and other activities. But due to high level of prices, we have suggested we move into a smaller house and find a church building in town for church services.
  • Introduce general health talks. This will include both church and community.


  • We have started house bible study groups in three different places. Most of the members we have in church came from these groups. We meet Friday in Chunvini, Sunday in Mwakizaro and Saturday in our house. They will continue to operate, even after we find a place for the church in town, as Bible study groups of the church and midweek services.
  • We have started a house church. We started it in the month of June. Since June, it has continued up to now.
  • We have started a program called “Dorcas Acts of Compassion”. It is responsible of doing social action under the leadership of Dorcas Mushimbami.
  • We have bought 10 bibles and 10 hymnbooks, 10 plastic chairs and a refrigerator. Thank you for your support.
  • We have made some connections with young life. It has sent 56 bibles to Agape Baptist church in Tanga. These bibles are to be used in church while others given to new believers and leaders.
  • We have also connections with “Discipleship Journeys with Jesus” they are sending materials for bible study for training leaders.
  • We have started a School called “Agape Mission School Tanga”. It is helping our new members and other minister to grasp sound teaching and equip them to be disciples who are making others disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • We also have connections with “Grace notes”. It is sending material for training. All these organizations are Baptist organizations. They haven’t started sponsoring us financially yet, but we are deepening our friendship.
  • We have a proper friendship with Muslims. They don’t have problems seeing us worship in our house. Other pastors are been chased from their places because of starting a church. Muslim teachers are coming to visit us.
  • My wife and I can now evangelize in Kiswahili without an interpreter. Though there are some words we are working on, but i can preach in Swahili clearly.


  • Every Sunday, 10:00am, we start our service. Our simple program is as follows: Open prayer; songs from hymnbooks; we give prayer request and ask one or three people to pray; followed by 30 minutes bible study; two praise songs; offering/tithes; announcements; preaching of the word and at exactly 11:45 we are done.
  • We have also introduced some programs such as: Tuesday, I meet with members of agape. I teach them how to interpret the word of God and how to lead bible study; Saturday we meet with young people {not yet strong} and Thursday we do visitation. We haven’t appointed leaders yet, they are in training.
  • We have planned to start Jesus film evangelism as Agape. This will give our members opportunity to preach the gospel. Our approach will be as follows: set up power point and allow people to watch, while people are watching, we send our members to sit next to them and collect their details as they also preach the gospel then we could make follow-ups later.


  • Our support we are receiving from the church is enough to keep us here. We can’t complain about it, it is therefore important for the church to know it as a first thing. Thank you so much for a support.
  • As we are serving in the mission field, we have come to realize that mission work sometimes goes beyond our family needs. There are people who need the love of Christ demonstrated to them. After thinking about a business we could be doing to in order to reach out to them, we have found that it would be difficult to do business as at now. The only thing that would work is to build a house in Zambia and put it on rent. It will be killing two birds with one stone: we will have a family house and then above all, we will have a continuous addition to the support we receive every month.
  • There is high level of corruption here in Tanzanian and most people are finding it difficult to have their work and residence permit. God allowed it for them to give us by his grace. As we are enjoying our stay and glorify God through winning souls, it would be good to think about having a citizenship, if the church still wants us to continue next year. Our work and residence permit will expire next year April and the qualification to have a citizenship is that; someone must stay in Tanzania for one year, able to speak Swahili and English. We believe by then will be qualified. Church is very young, it still needs us.
  • It would be good if the church and mission friends and family could start thinking empowering women of Tanga with sewing skills and machines and also farming. There are many widows here including Muslims widows. There is no one to take care of them. These are ready to receive help from anyone who takes it to them and it would be the best way of attracting them to Christ. The members of the church would also have food through the farm and the community. Keeping goats would also be a good option.
  • Tanga is purely Islam and evangelism in Tanga is a slow soul winning which requires lot of patience and time. We would love to give a suggestion: once a church stands here in Tanga, it would be good to have the Agape headquarters in Dar or Dodoma. There it would have great impact and have lot of gospel opportunities. There are mixture of unreached people groups and many universities. Both of these would be reached with the gospel of Christ. We have heard that Tanga’s economy has been going down. The first president Nyerere planted more than 200 industries, there are all now dying. The Agape should continue in Tanga, the headquarters should be either in Dar or Dodoma.
  • Pastor Dan and Andrew have not yet joined Agape Tanga, but we have maintained our relationship with them as we help each other to glorify Christ among other unreached people groups. They sometimes visit us and have church fellowship together as we also sometimes visit them.
  • We would love to ask the church consider our training here in tanga. Most of tanga people are affected by poverty. They are failing to attend Pastor Daniel’s school in Lushoto, now Kitumbi. We want to hear advice from the church on this.


We have been seeing the grace of God as we continue working in Tanga, from the very first day our feet hit the ground up to now. Our hearts are full of joy to see the church and mission family, holding lope for us as we go deeper to rescue the perishing and care for the dying.

Agape Baptist church Tanga is seeking to glorify Christ through making real disciple who will be making others real disciple of the lord Jesus Christ. There is still unfinished task that Jesus wants to finish and we could not do this without the church and you mission friends and family.

There are souls to rescue; there are souls to save, keep on sending the light through your support and love for us and souls.

For His glory,

Missionaries, Victor and Dorcas.