Please join me in praising God for this wonderful report from Pastor Davis Juma in Kenya. If you like, you can email him at And you can read about his ministry in these previous posts. And take a few minutes to visit his new website here.

Praises from Pastor Juma:

My beloved sister Karen,
Greetings in Jesus name.
Praise be to God for all that he has done through your prayers. I would like to write to you with my heart full of joy telling you that your prayers for the graduation of 23 Pastors who I have been training close to o
2 years have prevailed. It was finally done by faith. All glory to Him. Thank you so much for standing with me in prayers. This has been a miracle.  Now the ministers are ready to to out and fearlessly share their faith. 
I am praying for you.
Message received 8/28: I am leaving for evangelism tomorrow in maasailand. Pray for the salvation of the lost souls.