Please continue to pray for the needs of Pastor Bushebi and Gospel Believers Fellowship in Kenya. And consider taking a few minutes to email your encouragement to Let him know you are praying! Also join me in praising God for all who are being born again, healed, and set free. You may read previous posts about this ministry here.



Dear Beloved Family,
Many warm greetings and love to you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ name!!!!
We trust God you are fine and safe even during these trying times; our Prayers remain with you as always!

SUNDAY SERVICES IN HOMES: Back to Church services!
The Churches attendance is coming up slowly by slowly as Leaders divide themselves reaching out to People during the Week Days. We had wonderful time of Repentance, Worship, Healing and warfare time in the past two Sundays. The Lord brought to Himself 7 new Lives that attended and gave their lives to God in the services. We had missed the Praising of the Lord the ‘African-way’ with Women Ululation, Shouting and Dancing according to Traditional Drums. Fellowship is very very sweet and important!!!

– We had 5 come to the Lord at our Head Office as they sought help for School fees for their Children – Poverty is so bad!!!
– 4 came to the Lord during two Sundays at Bungoma Town church services.
– 3 received Christ at Kibachenje as we took more time in prayer for God’s intervention in tough times.
– A Couple who had given up with their Marriage surrendered to Christ at Lwanda GBF Church.
– Pst Robert led a Lady to the Lord before she passed on at Bungoma Referral Hospital ward 5 where She repeated the repentance prayer at a very low tone, dying.
– Motor Bike Gospel campaign fetched 6 Lives that gave their lives to Christ Jesus
– 16 people were prayed for healing from different illnesses

Prayer Requests

– We are getting requests to take in more Orphans for help due to increased hardships experienced in the Pandemics
– Widows’ cry is growing louder as most of them are only surviving to live due to Covid 19 effects on economy.
– Pastoral Ministry is suffering due to overwhelming needs of our People who depend on them as their hopeful Leaders

DEFENDING GOD’S MINISTRY PROPERTIES: Thanks so much for your prayers!!!
– We have victory on Lwakhakha Church Land parcel; the owner accepted to defend the property from the rogue Pastor who wanted to snatch away from us
– The Land owner of Ndengelwa Church still twisting and shifting goals as God deals with him.
– The Land owner of Bulondo Church demands we pay first before we can continue with Sunday services.

Please, continue to pray for Continual payment of School Fees for our Orphans since we are unable to pay for all at once. The suffering of many more Orphans in the region bring a new level of the need to expand this ministry. We are in prayer for God’s intervention in the situation!!!

The Lord is sounding a warning on our Country, Kenya as we are now faced with Covid 19 Delta surge, Drought in the Northern and Hunger due to poor harvest and Chaotic Electioneering 2022.

Thank you so much for your continued Prayers and support!!!
Your Family and Ministry in Africa,
Brother Bushebi


Deuteronomy 28:9The Lord will establish you as his holy people, as he promised you on oath, if you keep the commands of the Lord your God and walk in obedience to him.