Please continue to pray for the needs of Pastor Bushebi and Gospel Believers Fellowship in Kenya. And consider taking a few minutes to email your encouragement to Let him know you are praying! Also join me in praising God for all who are being born again, healed, and set free. You may read previous posts about this ministry here.


Dear Family,
Love, greetings and blessings to you by the Holy Spirit of fellowship in Jesus Christ name!!!!
We hope you are fine and safe in His victory for us!

SUNDAY SERVICES IN HOMES: From House to House!!!
It was the first Sunday back to Church since Churches were unfairly and totally closed, very few church members in many churches attended the services bringing us to learn how the anti-Christ spirit is affecting and weakening the Saints. We had a wonderful service where 2 Youthful men gave their lives to Christ. We also prayed for the Grade 8th Pupils who did their Qualifier National Examination and were to join High School on Monday Aug. 2nd. We prayed for several Brethren for healing too!

– 2 Youthful men gave their lives to Christ at Kibachenje church

– A Whole family of 8 called on Pastor Joseph and Donald and asked for repentance prayers leading them to Christ

– Today Tuesday Aug. 3rd Sister Veronica Wanjiko from Nyandarua 240 miles, took Pastor Robert by the Nairobi

– Uganda roadside and asked for prayers due to death dreams she has in a range of 3 days apart. Pastor Robert and Douglas led her to receive salvation and prayed for her. This happened at Ndengelwa Market where we had gone to see a Local Government Administrator for defense of our Church branch property.

– Pastor Robert’s Cousin came in office today and begged for help but we shared the Word of God first and Jacklin Wasike accepted to receive the Lord!!!

Prayer Requests

MINISTRY CHALLENGES FOR PRAYER: he will try to change Law and Times
– Young Christians who depended on Fellowship have been lured back to the Worldly lives and evil.
– Satanic Organizations have taken advantage over the challenging times and are enticing many even School Children into secret activities such as human sacrifice, happening a lot. May the Lord rebuke this in Jesus Christ name!
– Fellowship is one of the keys to destroying wider devils’ works through corporate prayers and keeps the Young Saints growing more stronger as we usually drink from the Holy Spirit through one another.
– Servants of God are passing through difficult times due to Covid 19 and their dependence on Tithes and Offerings from poor and needy Congregations especially in wider Rural areas.
– The Needy, Sick, Widows, foster Orphans continue to either call on phone and or come to our Church Office asking for help, not even prayers!
– BIG PUZZLE as Bars, Leisure and Liquor places continue to operate when Churches that have only 4 Sundays in a month and just 2 hours of fellowship on have been strictly closed and some Pastors arrested just because they had 3 to 6 people praying.
– Divorce, Rape, Murder and Family violence have increased due to Covid 19 economic effects!!!

– On Wednesday July 28th, Brothers Robert and Isaac Traveled to Lwakhakha town at Kenya – Uganda border and took Security officers and the Government Land-Surveyor to take the measurements of our Church land parcel there.
– On Thursday July 29th, the same traveled to Ndengelwa market again for the Church land ownership dispute where the owner denies selling to us for a church when Legal agreement was made in 2005. We returned to the place Today Aug. 3rd for the same case. We need prayers to resolve this case!!!
– The Bulondo church Land owner wants us to complete the Sale balances first before he can sign the transfer after threatening to sell the same to a different buyer.

thumbnail_Melanie, Arlene, Jehu and IreneThe Two Social workers at our Orphanage home were very busy yesterday taking Children joining High school for admission in different schools and locations.
We made a 2 hrs trip to Ng’iya Girls high School taking the whole day process for Arlene Bushebi’s admission in the same school where Melanie boards. We found God’s favor with one of the Teacher helping us with the costly and hectic process that  takes some up to 9pm in the night. Despite of many challenges we face Parents were to make great sacrifices with hiked School fees and Commodities’ prices. (pictured left Melanie, Arlene, Jehu and Irene; pictured above Ng’iya Girls High School)

COVID 19: Prayers for Worsening condition…
There are many People dying from other underlying diseases presumed to be triggered by Covid 19 infections.

Thank you so much for your continued Love, Prayers and support through the hardships!!!!

Your Family in Africa,
The Bushebis


Deuteronomy 28:9The Lord will establish you as his holy people, as he promised you on oath, if you keep the commands of the Lord your God and walk in obedience to him.