Please join me in praying for Pastor Dilshad Hameed and his ministry (The Light of Hope International Ministry) in Pakistan. You can learn about the ministry in this previous post and in Pastor Hameed’s description below. I hope that in addition to praying, you will take a moment to email him to let him know you are praying:
Recently from Pastor Hameed:
My name is Pastor Dilshad Hameed. I come from a small village in Pakistan. I am the founder of The Light of Hope International Ministry.  Our mission church started about seven years ago when God gave me a vision, and the gospel message spread in our village and people were filled with the taste of God’s Word.  Through this ministry, God has taken care of the orphans in need in my society and the people have access to God and my mission is to bring many people to Jesus Christ and Pakistan is a Muslim country.  And God has given them a new heart and soul with a desire to show them love.  That is why I am asking for help from anyone who is kind to orphans.  They need a good home and other basic necessities such as food, clothing and education.
  It is an independent mission church, not affiliated with any organization and has not received any outside help.  We are a working class people through whom I earn money to buy food for the precious orphans that God has entrusted to me by faith.  Your support and love for these orphans means hope for a dying generation of people.
  My vision is to teach God’s Word and show their love for these needy orphans – their spiritual and physical love and guidance from Jesus so that they can respond to their inner hope.  To be equipped is eternal life.
  So far in the horizontal plane, however, my prayer is that we have toilets built, food provided, and a special place to call the orphans home.  We currently need construction materials, clothing, school supplies, books, Bibles and other personal care supplies.
  We are very grateful for any donations and financial support, and the love you have shown to God’s children can only come from our heavenly Father!  Thank you all, and may God bless you, you and your family!  Amen.
  “He that doeth good to the poor is a debtor unto the Lord: and the LORD will reward him according to his goodness” (Proverbs 19:17).