Please join me in continued prayer for Pastor Charles Otieno and his ministry in Kenya. Also, I hope you will take a few minutes to email Pastor Otieno some encouraging words: You may read more about this ministry in these previous posts.

From Pastor Otieno:

I am busy rebuild a new house since my old house was damaged by the floods and collapsed! You can see it on the photos. I request you Prayers for help as I, and my wife Emily still lacking funds for enough materials. I pray God to bless you support us whatever you can able to fix it with enough iron sheets and other materials.

I also requesting you prayers for our upcoming conference by the end of August which it will be held at our church of Tanzania. Pray pray for many souls to be healed and translated to the kingdom of God. Pray for the needs of that conference. The conference will be held at Sudi Apostolic church in Tanzania. People are needs God there. The people will come surrounding areas and will travel from other places. We are requesting for the needs may the conference to successful. We also requesting Prayers for the support from you as you can able to support the word of to Tanzania.