Please join me in continued prayer for Pastor Rodgers Miller and the needs of his ministry in Kenya. Please also consider taking a few minutes to let him know you are praying for him: You may read more about this ministry and Hope Children Ministry Centre on this previous post: Pray for Hope Children’s Ministry Centre – Pray for Ministries around the World.

From Pastor Miller:

Before Hope children ministry centre is infinite power, before Hope children is endless possibility , around Hope children centre is boundless opportunity. We are all in God s hands who is our King , savior, deliverer , and He is a cheer giver.

We praise the name of God because of what He deed in Calvary to save us and today we are worshiping His name by say holy holy holy you are worth to be praise

1 )  We request prayers on the buying of Land to Hope children ministry centre ,    

2 )   requesting prayers for the provision of food to 156 children at the centre and to 80  house hold families vulnerable families that we help every week ,

3 ) requesting prayers for God to provide for 11  workers salary

Be blessed and may God add more blessings to all friends