Please join me in continued prayer for missionaries Victor and Dorcas Mushimbami and their ministry in Tanzania (they are from Zambia). You may read more about their ministry in these previous posts. One of Dorcas’s focuses is the Dorcas Acts of Compassion. Her recent newsletter is below. Feel free to email them to let them know you are praying!



Greetings from Tanga, Tanzania to you in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Dear Agape family and mission friends and family of Dorcas Acts of Compassion,

We want to thank you for all you are doing for the sake of spreading the gospel. So many souls are been touched through your Love and support. May the good Lord bless you and cause His face to shine upon you.

This is a new work we I have started and its part of a mission work here in Tanzania. We are glorifying our Lord through Evangelism, disciple making, Church planting and helping people in need. The people I am helping are those we are preaching to, potential members of our new Church plant. This work of compassion is called “Dorcas Acts of Compassion”. The name came about through Elder Ndelemit’s advice as I was updating him about this new work.

This update will be different from the one we send after three months. I will be sending, God willing, every month.

Let me update you about some of the works the Lord has been doing through you and me:

  Mary Nyenga said thank you!

After long time of struggling in life, God has finally remembered her through you. Her husband is not working and is an old man. She is a good woman who was not recognized. She is receiving a gift of rice every month. I buy rice with a support from you and with little that I have and give to families attending our bible studies. She has decided to join our new Agape Church plant not because of a support, but because of the teachings she has been listening to from us. There was a time someone gave her a small gift. I saw her tears running from her eyes as she took a microphone and thank them. She saw herself unworthy of that small gift she received. Her heart is broken before the Lord. With a smile on her face she said thank you to you for the help!

   A widow received a gift after bible study

As we were doing door to door evangelism, we came across one young woman. She is a Catholic. We asked her if wewould start having bible study in her house and she welcomed us. We were only the four of us the first day. Then God started touching souls around the community. We are almost 10 now and this widow is one of them. She is one of the committed people. I came to know about her last month. She received her gift and said thank you for your help, love and care. She is a catholic. Catholics here are not the Catholics we know. They are one of the hardest religions here in Tanga. We are demonstrating the love of Christ through preaching and helping those in need. Pray for her salvation as she attends bible studies every Sunday evening.

            Meet Mama Tom!

We were able to feed five families through your support. This woman was also one of them. I want to start training women with skills such as how to Plait hair and work with make-up. Tanaga, Tanzania is a muslin region. Muslims are very much in cosmetics and beauty. We also need people who can train the women sewing. They should know how to sew and work with their hands like Dorcas in the bible. Some will be selling fish. They will be ordering fish from the Ocean, fry and sell them. It is also a good business that requires less capital. Women are keys here in the mission field. Once they are well trained on how to reach to community and make money using their hands, the community won’t be the same again. Let us me know if you have any ideas on how we could train and equip them for God’s glory.

Thank you for your support and love demonstrated through us. We have more than 15 women who need empowerment. They started attending bible studies before they knew there would be any help from us. Pray that we may be wise enough to know who to help for God’s glory.

Prayer request:

  • Thank God through Elder Ndelemeti, we have come up with a name called “Dorcas Acts of Compassion”. This is a ministry that will be involved in acts of compassion. The focus is on those coming to Church, those won for Christ, disciple and brought into the Church.
  • Thank you for money we received from you $22 for people in needs and $66.1848 to buy a new phone. We now can take photos and be able to update you.
  • We want to start a group of women who will be trained and be able to work with their hands. They are 15 women in number who are attending our bible study.
  • We need help from the Church, Agape Baptist Church, to help in teaching these women and train them in the work of missions.

Thank you for your love and support! You care that is why you shared with these dear souls!

For His Glory,

Missionary Dorcas Mushimbami