Please continue praying for V Venkata R (Ruth), her pastor husband Paul, and Jesus Grace Ministries in India. The needs in India are urgent with the second wave of COVID. You can read more about the ministry in these previous posts. I hope you will take a moment to email Ruth with words of encouragement–let her know you are praying!

From Ruth:

The current situation in India is not at all fine , second wave of corona has occurred & spread so fastly ,so our country imposed lock down to control it yet but the new variant seems to be much stronger than the last year pandemic . it took few weeks time to change the situation here to so terrible . so some less wage & daily workers r hit by financial crisis .so our ministry took immediate action to distribute groceries kits to few most affected families with the lock down.

dear friends we r hoping to help more poor families that r in need & facing challenges with the current situation but we do need your financial assistance in the form of any amount of donation . we r still short of 8800 usd to help 480 families .