Read exciting reports from Rev. Charles Mwape and the Zambia Youth Ministry Network. Please continue praying for this ministry. You may read more about them on this previous post. And please take a few moments to email Brother Charles to let him know you are praying:

From Brother Charles:

Dear friends, co-workers and sponsors, Calvary greetings.

I apologise to some of you that it has taken a while since I wrote you. This is due to circumstances related to covid-19.
But our hope in the Lord is fueling us to continue advancing the good news to the young people, training Youth leaders and producing disciples even in admist of losses, heartbreaks and frustrations born of covid-19. The Lord is faithful.

I’m so glad to let you know that your love for Jesus and your prayers  for ZaYoMiNet is undoubtedly bearing fruits and thus I highly appreciate. So  in addition to Copperbelt, Central and Muchinga provinces ZaYoMiNet in January 2021,  your loved youth ministry reached, got established and working on the missing needy gaps for the youth to know Christ in another province called Lusaka. This how worthy your love for Jesus is impacting the youth community in Zambia.

Therefore, leaders are trained and disciples are made. Indeed it takes leaders to produce leaders and that is exactly what ZaYoMiNet is doing. We are disciplining the youths to love the Lord and help them study the Bible for their spiritual growth and the growth of others. I ask you to continue praying for ZaYoMiNet. I value Your prayers because they are the most powerful ministry tool. 

Further more, join me in two minutes prayer for the success of the official national launch on June 19, 2021 in Lusaka. Pray that the Lord will provide for the budget of $800 for food, covid-19 health personal equipments and other logistics. . . . The official launch is important that it will help ZaYoMiNet soar and lock it’s wings like an eagle in the sky exploring more mission areas of investing in the lives of the youth. Find attached the recent photo for youth training at Arakan Barracks in Lusaka.

Thank you for your prayers. May the Lord  shine His face on you and increase his grace in you.
By His grace,Charles MwapeZaYoMiNet president
WhatsApp/cellphone +260967057987/0971567252
13352 Meanwood Ndeke.Lusaka