Please join me in praying for Pastor Albert Semu and Jubilee Miracle Worship Centre in Pretoria, South Africa. I hope you will also email him some words of encouragement, especially to tell him you are praying for him:

From Pastor Semu:

Calvary greetings from Apostle Albert Semu. I received an invitation from LinkedIn and I’m interested to join you and the thousands to pray for the universal Church at large.

I am senior Pastor of JUBILEE MIRACLE WORSHIP CENTRE in Pretoria. South Africa. We are based in the squatter camp where we are serving God, and many of our church members are the residents in the squatter camps. 

Since 2012 we have been involved in youth ministries after the Lord laid a passion in my heart. Many of our youths in South Africa, especially in squatter camps, are perishing and need the church interaction to create a space in the church where youths of all ages can fit in. So I and my wife Mary have been able to do it by preaching on outreach and we have seen people responding to God’s call of salvation. 

But we are now having a challenge with a place where we were using due to covid 19 that we no longer have a place to worship. In the moment we have been on the mountain holding services on the sun of which I will show in photos. Sometimes it’s cold and raining and sometimes it’s very hot and we are so much affected negatively. 

My prayer points:

1. Pray that the Lord will provide us with funds, to have our own place and building.

2. Pray that our people will not be discouraged with the situation we are in but will be strengthened and continue revolting themselves to the work of God.

3. God’s intervention in our country that our freedom of worship will not be violated. We are believing God that this will turn to our testimony one day.

These are our photos on the mountain recent ones. [One is] when we were still using the public building and now on the mountain services. Pray for us that we will provide us with finances to buy a tent or to build in Jesus name!
Thank you yours faithfullyPastor Albert Semu