Please join me in praising God from what he is doing through Pastor Alex Steven Bango’s ministry in Malawi. He leads JESUS CARES ministry. Please also continue in prayer and consider sending an email of encouragement to him at (even if it’s just to tell him you are praying). You may read more about his ministry in this previous post.

From Pastor Bango:

Am here to praise and thank God as He blessed us with money for buying iron sheets [for church construction] and bicycle for a pastor.

This coming Saturday I will traveling to TABWA in MALAWI, near MOZAMBIQUE  to bless them with iron sheets for church. May God be glorified and praised all the time.

May God continue to bless all those who are taking part praying for one another.

God bless.

[After delivery . . .]

Am so thankful and praise God as our dear brothers were blessed by wellwishers with iron sheets for touching their church and also receiving bicycle for transportation at Chikuse Island.

To you God, all the glory. May you be honored my God. May you all who sow into my ministry be blessed in Jesus mighty name.


We still have other areas in remote places who are praying under tree she’d now during rain season their failed to gather so may you join us praying for God’s blessings if finance to buy bricks and iron sheets for church constructions.

May you also join us praying for Bibles and hymn books because we’re in remote areas whereby it’s hard to go to town to buy it so if God touches you in spirit, help us.

God bless you sister in Christ for your work if allowing us to send our prayer request through your website because for us who are in rural we don’t have our own website. God bless you sister
God bless

Alex Steven Bango from MALAWI