Please join me in praying for Pastor John Robert Ecaat and his children’s ministry in Uganda called Heart of Nations. Please take a few moments to email him some encouraging words:

From Pastor Ecaat:

The name for the children’s ministry is HEART OF NATIONS. God gave me that name, telling me every nation without children has no future but the nation with many young children has got the future because the young ones will be to take nation forward when are no more.

In starting this ministry, God spoke to me saying, we should begin with children and if their lives are transformed, it will be easy for their parents to come to Christ as well. I start with few children for lack of enough financial support.

My prayer request is basically for the sponsors who are willing to help this children with school fees, clothing and help sometimes with food. All the children stay with their relatives since we do not have children’s home but still we prefer to have children’s home and rehabilitation center.

Prayer request

1. Sponsors

2. Funds for buying land for the Rehabilitation center and children’s home.

3. Funds for buying Church land

4. Building school and hospital for our community

5. Faithful persons who have the same person I have mostly the love for children and preaching the word of God.

God called me basically to raise strong men and women for the work of evangelism to the nations (Missionaries). And the way to get this children, we start slow by slow with helping them with school dues as we teach them the word of God and some times we take them for door to door evangelism. NB.

If you know people who love children and they would love to support them with school fees, it can cost at least $100 for each child to finish one term. Right now we have 20 children who need help and that requires $2,000 per term which is total of $6,000 for the full year all those 20 to be at school. They are all in primary level. I will be grateful for your kind help.