Please join me in continued prayer for Johny Tanty, a Bible teacher at Mission India in Assam, India. You may read about his ministry in this previous post. We need to be praying fervently for India and other countries where the pandemic has seriously worsened. I hope you will also email Johny to encourage him:

From Johny:

By His grace  and mercy we are also doing well except my wife back pain for last  few days. We are also under lock down since  two days now.  Kindly  uphold us in your prayer for our family safety  and our beloved country India  to get  ride of this on going pandemic. 

Would you also pray for us to pay for  our house rent? May the Lord provide the fund  to pay.  For last  two months now we are unable to pay the land lord is not in favor to us.  

Our next  door is covid +  and now in the hospital… Please uphold us in your prayer  that the Lord may protect us from this pandemic…. I’m little concerned for my small kids.  But trusting God  alone because He is in control. 

We also had experienced the  rate of 6.7 an earthquake . Our house also got little cracked and damaged. But the  Lord is good we are  doing well  and safe. 

Thank you mam for your fervent prayer support as always. Still we need  more of your  prayer at this point.

Earthquake damage