Please join me in praying for Pastor Rodgers Miller and his ministry in Kenya. Please also consider taking a few minutes to email him words of encouragement:

From Pastor Miller:

The vision of Hope children ministry H C M is to be A centre of Hope and love for the needy poor children , A centre where the dejected ( needy, poor, disinherited children are gracefully converted and developed into children of dignity with a strong sense of purpose to become the leaders of tomorrow , A model for children ministry SERVICES AT HOPE CENTRE serving the community by volunteering , child sponsorship Putting vulnerable children in school , Clothing, Feeding Program on going , Medication Widows and youths are looked after also

The centre is Christian based located in Rhonda Estate of Nakuru, Langalanga Road, 2km from the town centre. Our goal is to reach the poor family, widows, needy children the youth and orphans from a nearby slum (Rhonda) that stay in the garbage dump located at one end of the slum.where they scavenge everyday out day in

The children are from poor families in the slums whose families do not have access to basic needs and they come from a poor back ground within the larger . The children come to the centre daily between 08.00 and 15.30hrs. The centre was established on 28th December 2010.

We have 167 children aged from 1 to 16 years ( 94 girls and 73 boys) We have 89 house holds tat we do follow ups through our social workers. Inspired by virtues of care and compassion, we adhere to a vision of establishing not only Hope Children’s Centre for the most vulnerable but a new home to them that are disadvantaged in the a larger community .

Lack of unique basic needs pose special challenges to inadequate social systems, thus the thrust of this project will be directed towards the restoration of this and children’s dignity through provision of food, clothing, medicare, accommodation and education in local schools and churches. Our project wishes to partner with any donor, well wishers and those touched for the purpose of transforming the lives of these destitute souls to a promising future.

Volunteer to help children in my larger community of Kenya, The Hope children ministry welcomes individuals of all ages/backgrounds to contribute towards our Centre and keeping our education centers in Kenya apkace of good Governace ,by making a wish we create hope we dont wait for hope .

HCM has grown over the past 2 years under the dedication of volunteers from around the world. HCM is distinct from other NGO’s in this field as we practice the “Pass it on” ethos in marginalized regions. We offer the privilege of education to those who without our organization would have not made it. HCM volunteers teaches in classes , do building when we have it, involve in sports as well as maintaining relationships with local staff and the local community at large.

In addition to teaching, our organization’s volunteers engage in: Public relations Fund-raising Project experts (i.e., Peace farm and food relief initiatives which we are looking to those who are willing Gospel propagation HCM offers four unique roles for volunteers. We have opportunities for those who prefer gospel outreach or those who would purely like to gain in-field experience and teach the children at school center .

HCM is a non- profit organization in the greatest sense of the term. . Therefore, when volunteering with us, the volunteer will need to pay their own travel expenses. If you need where to stay we will arrange for you, you are welcomed, Don’t doubt what has been destined for you.. Please take the time to familiarize yourself further with our ministry PSALM 91 ;;1;;16

Best regards pst rodgers miller