Please continue to pray with me for Pastor Shahbaz Akmal and the Good Shepherd Ministry in Pakistan–and especially the sewing machine and Bible project described below. You may read more about his ministry these previous posts. You may also learn more about the ministry on their two websites: and

From Pastor Akmal:

Blessings from Punjab Pakistan.

Dear Sister , i want to discuss with you a Women’s Relief and Development Projects. Sewing Centre and Bible study Project…🇵🇰 Sewing Centre and Bible Study, Seeds for Eternity with the Gift of a Sewing Machine and Bible.

Many women work as laborers, sweeper, house cleaning in Muslim’s houses. They’re also facings challenges rejection, forced marriage, convert religion, prosecution, trapping, sometimes having to sell their children just to earn enough money to support their family.

By providing a sewing machine to those in need, they now have a chance to start their own tailoring business. Once the sewing machine is given, classes are provided in the church or safe places, so people can start putting their new machines to good use. And get the knowledge of Bible. And this way we can develop the spiritual atmosphere.

[Please pray for] 10 sewing machine 20 Urdu Bible’s Teacher salary one sewing machine price 70£. one urdu Bible price 5£. teacher salary 50£.

God Bless Sister your brother in Christ Pastor Shahbaz Akmal