Please join me in praying for missionaries Victor and Dorcas Mushimbami and their ministry in Tanzania. And feel free to email them words of encouragement: .

From Victor:

My wife and I are both Zambians. We have come to work in Tanzania (a foreign country) among Muslims and other unreached people groups. We have both work and residence permit.  We are doing Jesus film evangelism, door to door evangelism and one on one.

To summarize our ministry, Evangelism, Disciple making, Church planting and helping people in needs or the community.  We are about to have a house church. It will be in our home. We now have 10 members.

This church will be planted in the center of the city. It will have a private School with a vision of winning Muslim community. They all speak one language called Swahili in Tanzania. English is one of the language everyone would love to speak whether Muslims or not. Once we plant a Church, we will raise a pastor who will take over from us. We will train and send him to the Bible College. Once the church is up, we will go to another place and do the same. 

So far, we have Mwanga, hedaru, korogwe, Same, kisangara which are places without a church. Continue praying for us and our vision. For His glory,Missionaries Victor and Dorcas.

Prayer Requests from Their Newsletter


  1. My work and residence permit are now ready. The payment of $300 was made by Agape Baptist Church.
  2. My wife and baby have joined me here in Tanzania. My wife was not included in my residence permit. We were asked to pay $550. This payment was again made by our local Church, Agape Baptist Church. My wife is free to reside in the country as she is waiting for her card.
  3. Pray for a house Church. We are planning to start a house church in our home. Pray for souls as we are evangelizing in our area and ask Christ to build his Church in our home.
  4. Pray for good phones. We are having challenges to take good photos more especially during Jesus film evangelism. We don’t have phones with powerful flash lights to capture photos at night.
  5. Pray for nation of Tanzania. Our president is no more and others are finding it difficult to be ruled by a woman. Pray for continuous peace and unity.

Thank you for you love and support! You always give us strength to continue doing more for our lord and creator. Amen!