Please continue to pray for God’s anointing and provision for Pastor Taneti Blessing and his ministry in Samalkot, AP, India. You may email encouragement to him at (You may read more about the ministry in these previous posts.)

From Pastor Blessing:

Praise to the mighty name of our lord Jesus Christ.

In last week i went to remote village using my bike to the purpose of spread gospel of Jesus Christ . In that place there is no drinking water and that people are un educated persons .But i have so much of interest to spread that gospel.

I started my preaching using stories book .i had showed that picture to explain the gospel of Jesus Christ. I introduce myself Jesus is the way truth and the life so many villages are in my country like that there people are un necessary when i was show that people

i felt so sad to look at that people situation but i have so much of interest to introduce who is Jesus everything is good but i had so much of struggle to using stories books to explained that matter. they don’t have wisdom to understand my words so that time i had one thought. Projector.

Yes it is very useful to introduce the word of god. it is useful for that village people to understand that words what i am saying means so many stories are explained using that projector .and very easy to show that pictures through that projector. Whenever we use that projector that they will understand quickly so its very useful for that people

so i request you to pray that the cost of that Projector and Screen is $ 600 dollars. i pray for that I want your prayer help . May god gives what we need in that village people. God Bless You.