Please join me in continued prayer for Killion Chiondadala and this ministry in Malawi. You may read more about the ministry in this previous post. You may also want to email him words of encouragement:

Recent from Pastor Chiondadala:

 I need to give an update on our ministry operations.

1. We are now in 21 days of prayer and fasting, we started on 6 April up to 26 April. Our ministry calendar starts in April every year. Help us in prayers for a pastors month-long training to be help in the month of July. We also have a preparatory conference in May for 2 days, 14-15 May.

2. Help us in prayers also for us to source funds to build our church building where all our ministerial projects are to be taking place. We have already managed to buy enough land for the projects. 

Here are some pictures of pastoral team and our intercessory team. We need your prayers in Malawi.