Please join me in praying for Santhosh Chellappan and his ministry in India. You may also email him some words of encouragement at

From Pastor Chellappan:

We are a church planting ministry in India. We train normal believers to be disciples and with them start new churches, house churches and prayer cells in India. Mostly we concentrate in the deep villages where usually people do not want to go due to lack of common facilities. We are very successful in this because local people have full access to anywhere in their own villages and houses and secondly they don’t need to learn new language or culture but simply share the Gospel with their friends and families in their own language. Moreover, they need not hire a place to stay but can stay at their home and do the Gospel work.

We also have children ministry, youth ministry and adult literacy programs. Some of the children who come to our  children ministry are rescued from child labour, child marriage and abused children and send them to government schools and provide their urgent requirements needed for their educational matters.
By the grace of God, we could help some village families with food packs during this pandemic. God is so good. 
Our present project for the villages is providing safe water for 5 selected villages. About this project I have already informed in linkedin.

Please pray for my work. I just had a wonderful ministry trip to Bihar, most unreached state in India. Maoist group are a real challenge there.

Please pray for two projects presently I am on the process.

1. Providing School Bags, Umbrella and Pencil pouches to children in the children ministry.

2. Safe Drinking water for the villages. People in the village collect water for drinking and other usage from river. Water in such rivers are really polluted because from the same river their cattles also drink water and also take bath etc. Some times we can see carcass of animals floating up on these rivers. Many are getting sick including children as they drink water from these rivers. I have a project to dig Tube wells for few villages in this year. I have choosen 5 villages where I visit often for ministering them. I am praying and believing in the Lord for provision that these poor and needy people can have safe drinking water. One tubewell will help to get sufficient water for at least 40 families in a village for all their usages and also for their coming generations. Please pray for contributions towards this project.

I welcome you to be a part of reaching the unreached people in Indian villages as God lead you. I am attaching some pictures of our  various ministry for your information and pray specifically.