Please continue praying for V Venkata R (Ruth), her pastor husband Paul, and Jesus Grace Ministries in India. They have an urgent need for a vehicle. You can read more about the ministry in this previous post and in this post. I hope you will take a moment to email Ruth with words of encouragement:

From Ruth:

Urgent pressing need of the ministry is a 7 vehicle for transportation Ministry is constantly facing challenges in traveling, as we dont have a car . We minister in 3 different tribal villages & Our heart desire is to visit tribal villages, do Gospel outreach & reaching the unreached, since we don’t have a vehicle we unable to go , transport charity goods & people with covid19 virus ,This has been a great challenge to our ministry Hot temperature, danger from the people, reaching interiors of the village, carry stuff . With a vehicle we can reach more unreached places to share the message of Jesus Christ ,carry things & help the people in need .

[Also] pray that our ministry reach more souls for the kingdom of God