Please join me in praising God for what He is doing through Pastor Augustin in Burundi. Read below about the training and discipling taking place. Also, please take a moment to email Pastor Augustin with a few words of encouragement: . You may read more about this ministry on these previous posts.

Also praise God for a recent opportunity for Pastor Augustin to minister on television regularly. And he invites brothers and sisters from around the world to share a word. Please consider accepting his invitation. His words: “Any person who would like to share the word or to share praise song he can enter in touch with me, he can send his video we can put to the TRUE GOSPEL TV. Then many people will receive something from God through him, and many people will be bless by his ministry.”

More Praises from Pastor Augustin:

Shalom, I would like to taking this wonderful opportunity to thank you so much for your prayers, I traveled safely to KAYANZA – PROVINCE in the village called Gatabo, I teached there at EMMANUELIST CHARISMATIQUE CHURCH and I started a training center there, that Church was planted One month ago, it is a new and young church, they enjoyed so much the teachings, and 15th students started to be trained, then I traveled to GITEGA PROVINCE in the village called Giheta, there I teached to the church called MENNONITE CHURCH, It is also a new and young church, it was planted one month and 2 weeks ago, there I started a center of 12th students, thank you so much for your prayers I came back home safely.