Please continue to pray for the needs of Pastor Bushebi and Gospel Believers Fellowship in Kenya. And consider taking a few minutes to email your encouragement to Also join me in praising God for all who are being born again, healed, and set free. You may read previous posts about this ministry here.


Dear Saint,

Receive warm greetings and love from Bungoma, Kenya in the great saving name of Jesus Christ!

We hope you are fine and God is blessing your Lives.

We humbly honor the Lord for your Love and Prayers as we bring the Prayer updates from our side.

– We had a wonderful service at Nasyanda Church March 7th Sunday where God moved in the Assembly with Salvation and healing
– Sunday was a blessing with fellowship at Kongoli GBF Church prayer Fundraiser service towards the Construction of a New Church Building.
– Brothers Michael and Protus visited Nakuru, Kenya 350 miles on Sunday to open a new GBF church in the region.
– About 22 People gave their lives within a month of Services.

Prayer Requests

We have asked all churches to engage in prayer as we look forward to relocate our Ministry Headquarters to a new place. May the Lord God almighty save the situation!!!

Bishop Francis Bushebi:
With two weeks of running up and down on Diagnosis and tests, two large Cysts on Left Kidney and on Small Cyst on Pancreas have been discovered. Kidney Cysts are not dangerous but Pancreas Cyst is a big concern. The Doctors are giving some time to Monitor and decide the Kind of treatment because it is still small. The Pains are extreme and cause discomfort in stomach that has made Bushebi spent 6 days without eating. The body is weak and shaky but God is strengthening!!!

Sister Dora Bushebi:
We started diagnosis today Monday with Head and Back X- rays. Doctors have also recommended for CT Scans to determine the cause of the Stomach problem. Sister Dora has been having HBP and extreme pains in the left arm.

Melanie Bushebi:
Robert’s Daughter close school on Thursday this week and will be scheduled for Doctor’s diagnosis and possibly surgery afterwards. We remain in prayer looking to Jesus for His direction.

Locusts continue to destroy crops in Kenya being the third invasion in one year. We are facing Food insecurity hence hunger.

A 3rd wave of Covid 19 is here that doesn’t show the symptoms like in the 1st and 2nd.

Psalm 120:1    
In my trouble I cried to the Lord, And He answered me.

Please, join our churches and Bushebi family in prayer for the items above!!!

Your Family and Ministry,
Brother Robert for Ministry.


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Deuteronomy 28:9
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