Please continue praying for Pastor Adda Thomas, his family, and his ministry in Northern Uganda. You may read more about his ministry in this previous post. You may email words of encouragement to him at

From Pastor Thomas:

I am doing well by the grace of God. I am pastor Adda Thomas of South Sudan ministering in refugee camp Kiryandongo Northern Uganda. We became refuggee in the year 2016 when the resumption of fighting erupted between the government soldiers and so many rebels groups. We scapted death narrowly. Many people lost their lives and properties.

I am marriage to one wife called Elisabeth Thomas and God blessed us with seven children three girls and four boys and four adopted children since their parents were killed during the continues war in South Sudan. The situation in the refuggee camp is challenging that really need your prayers . So the update information varies 1: issues about my family2: issues about ministry.3: issues about vulnerable believers 

The ministry is doing well by the grace of God. However, there are also challenge in the ministry that need partnership for us to spread the gospel to unreach people and strengthen the believers in their faith. Currently, I am teaching discipleship class but we are lacking the materials guide for teaching. I am also teaching leadership development in the local church. God is also using me and the team to plant new churches .

We lack English Bible, I don’t have internet access to reach for matterials for teaching. Smart phone or computer will be one of the tools to get free christian resources from the website you gave me. How I pray that your ministry partner with me for kingdom collobration for Christ sake. Praying to get church equipment for worship, Lord’s elements,

My family informationWe are lacking basic need since the UN who is the main donor to the refuggee cut food ratio, each person recieves $5 per moth . There is no medication, clothes,  children’s school fee etc. Need your prayer.

Concerning my education I went to African Bible University of Kamapala Uganda 2014-2018Attended Diplma in Theology Reformed Theological college Kamapala Uganda 2011-2013 Attended high school and primary. And so many Christian’s certificate training. That is why I have interest and heart to teach other because God has given me the knowlege to build and equip others for ministry. Any help will highly be appreciated 

God bless Pastor Adda Thomas serving Christ with joy for 25 years and still serving faithfully. Looking forward to hear from you 

He added this:

In this church , I have people to work with. One person is now permanent Helping me for interpretation during preaching Another is treaching choir and Sunday school Both these need you prayers and support for the ministry to move on. We also need church equipment

Pictures: from left to right: (1) During my graduation (2) My family members (3) When I was in school (4) The church I planted. We are fellowshipping in the school compound.

Picture at top of blog post: We started this church under the tree.