Please join me in praying for Blessing Sani and her ministry in Nigeria, where she is a facilitator with RHEMA for Natives Missions Bible Translation. I hope you will also email her at with words of encouragement.

From Blessing:

I am currently working with RHEMA for Natives Missions Bible Translation in Nigeria as a Missionary and a Facilitator. And as a facilitator in my current office, my duties include coordination of programs, workshop training on oral Bible translation, Exegetical training and Internalization on oral Bible Translation, audio recording, report writing and mission and Evangelism.

I am currently facilitating a major tribe in the Northern part of Nigeria known as Lemoro and we give God the glory for what he is doing in the lives of the people within the community. I will like you to pray for me even as I will be visiting the community by 7th of April, that the Lord will continue to protect us against all insurgencies like kidnapping, banditry and boko Haram. These are some groups of people that are against the church and are always killing the believers here. We are really facing great persecutions but we believe that the lord will see us through.

I will also love you to pray for Aisha and Ishaku who are new convert from Islam that the Lord will continue to strengthen them even at this difficult and challenging moment.

Blessing explains the pictures below were taken of her and some community people during a January 2021 visit.