Please join me in prayer for Pastor Alex Steven Bango from Gogo Village in Malawi. He leads JESUS CARES ministry. You may send an email of encouragement to him at He asks for this special prayer: God’s favour and grace upon my ministry to have partners.

From Pastor Bango:

Am pastor Alex Steven Bango, from GOGO village [Malawi]. I have been pastoring a local branch since 2010 when I planted it and from this year I have been planting other branches in remote area which leads to have ten branches.

In 2019 was when I joined king Fisher networking church where we are under it now. As am leading these branches , I had introduced charitable local organisation called JESUS CARES. The vision of the organization is to educate both poor and orphans through paying school fees, giving aged, widows and needy daily basic needs, train women’s, widows and orphans enterprenuership skills for income generating activities.

Though we are doing this ministry but we don’t have partners or any kind of help from other org. Therefore it is our prayer to have partners or have donars who have same vision in order to reach out more dear brothers and sisters to become self reliance in future.

Our source of income are,1. Contributions Every church member contributes what he have in order to the group monthly 2. Tithe 3. Causal labour• we go for small piece works as church in order to get money. 4. Farming We have garden where we grow different crops and and a little we harvest cereals we give to needy, aged and orphans and cash crops we sell and get money.

Though we do all these we still go through many challenges especially to have in adequate funds to reach more poor and orphans to pay their school fees.

Currently we have been paying school fees for only ten students but there are some more who are failing to go to school.