Please join me in praying for and rejoicing with Jhony Tanty, a Bible teacher at Mission India in Assam, India. Below you can read about the exciting events of this past Sunday: sixteen were baptized and a new church was inaugurated! The story behind that new church is so exciting! I hope you will email him to celebrate with him and encourage him: [You may read more about this ministry on this previous post.]

From Pastor Tanty

Greet you in Jesus name. I am very pleased to write few lines about  the 16 Souls that yesterday took water baptism and become the part of God’s kingdom. I am so glad to baptize them. All of them come from  a non Christian  Hindu background. Many of them were possessed by many different evil spirits but when they put their trust in Jesus  and our missionaries brothers prayed for them and cast out the evil spirits from them and they were released from the bondage of  Satan. Almost all of them were worshiping many  gods and goddesses of course Idols. Now  they are the child of living God. John. 1.12. Please pray for these  precious souls to be  rooted in Christ and bear much fruit for  Jesus.  They  are  all  daily wages people. May God  strengthen them. Also praying for a church to be built for  them. May God  also provide the need.  Thank you so very much for your fervent prayer support for our ministry here. 

In the pictures you might have noticed that I  inaugurating  a Church  constructed by Bamboos and woods.  I very much appreciate one of our Beliver  in that  village  a widow lady  donated  a small piece of Land to construct this church for a place.  We all have  also  collected  little by little money to built the Church and finally after  8 months  we could  dedicate the Church for  God’s glory . The name of the  village  is Dhandai  Under Sonitpur District of Assam. Please pray for this village  through this church may the rest of the villagers come to know Jesus as their Lord and saviour.