Please join me in praying for Jhony Tanty, a Bible teacher at Mission India in Assam, India. I hope you will also email him to encourage him:

From Brother Tanty:

Greet you in Jesus name from the land of Assam India. . . . I praise God  that He has called me for His ministry here in Assam and beyond. 

I am basically  a  Bible teacher and trainer for grassroot level leaders for church planting ministry.  Equipping  pastors and evangelist  through  Church based teachings and Training. I have  small team of  12 brothers in the field  as a full time workers for His Vineyards.

We have a small  numbers of 7 Churches and few fellowships  in the District of Sonitpur Assam  North East India.  Presently we are building a  bamboo Structure Churches in the villages.

We are also  very much interested to work among the children by teaching  God’s word  and reaching  their parents with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have  baptized around some  150 people last year so far by the Grace of God.  We are also scheduled this month last  onother 35 people  baptism if God’s willing. Kindly pray for this. 

Any one want to visit us WIl be appreciated  and welcome. 

Prayer requests
1. Please pray for us that we  may  reach out our indigenous  people here in Assam .

2. Please pray for  our planted Churchs to be rooted in God’s Word. 

3. Please pray that God  may open a new door  to provide the needs of our ministry As we are Indipendently serving Him and  looking forward for a faithful and  sound in teaching and preaching  partnership in God’s word. 
4. Pray for a small Bible school  for our Community for equipping  Godly serventhood leaders in grassroots level .

Thank you 
With humility Johny and team. Assam India 

Brother Tanty and his beautiful family: Johny Tanty (husband), Sangita (wife), Abinel (son, 20), Jacob (son, 8), Evangeline (daughter, 4)