Please join me praying for Frackson Mbaya in Malawi. He is a Bible teacher at Timothy Harvest Ministries. You may learn more about his ministry on his FB page. Please feel free to email Frackson to encourage him:

I am brother Frackson. here in Malawi. 🇲🇼 you can see on my face book page what the Lord is doing . God blessed me with the ministry of prayers whereby we do pray our friends , countries, families ,churches ,the gospel of our Lord to God on and etc .

I do also do Moslem evangelism and teaching people as well as doing bible study groups. I was doing trading for the church leaders, equipping them to lead others, leading prayer group with different people of different churches.

My prayer requests are :

  • pray for a leader of Moslems who wants to come to the Lord. I want to reach him out again at his home. He is willing to leave Islam and start building relationship with Christ Jesus.
  • pray for my maize crops in the field to grow well.

[Brother Frackson describes the photo at top of page: “This is a time when we had prayer and fasting entitled God is the answer of the problems of this world – Philippians 4:6”]