Please continue to pray for Pastor Davis Juma and his ministry in Kenya. You may read more about his ministry on these previous posts. Please consider taking a few minutes to encourage him with an email:

From Pastor Juma:

Praise be to God! All glory to the Lord our Father. . . . May His name be exalted. . . .God has been so gracious to me. He has provided for missions, won many souls and now I am training Pastors from various denominations so that they become  effective ministers of the word. 

I am attaching here some pictures of the Swahili Bibles that God provided some time back . . . . Also the pictures of the Pastors being trained.

Other needs to be prayed for are:

1. Provision of the clinic which will serve many communities here and will be an income for the ministry.

2. An Elementary and Secondary School.

3. Provision of the Swahili Bibles.

4. More support for the orphans some whose pictures we took today [see below].

5. More Evangelism and discipleship materials.

6. Expansion of the church building.

7. Three plots and buildings on higher ground  for the churches surrounded by the water in the Southern Funyula.

8. Mission trips support to do more evangelism and church planting and discipleships. There are many more opportunities in East Africa.

9. Scholarship for my children and my sister.

10. Plastering and total finishing of the  Church building-putting glasses on windows, plastering outside, putting tiles on the floor etc.

11. Completion of my assistant Pastor’s house.

12. Building a spacious  brick house for my family so that when the rains come will not affect it and it will also be accommodating many guests who come from far to minister.

13. Drilling a deep water well to provide clean drinking water for my family and the communities.

Yours In God’s Service
Pastor Davis Ochieno Juma
-Fishing for the lost and feeding the found.
P.O Box 205-50406-Funyula, Kenya.