Please join me in praying for Pastor Killion Chiondadala And Pentecostal Christian Ministries in Malawi, Southern Africa. We “met” on LinkedIn and he told me he is a pastor evangelist–his passion is missions. If you’d like to communicate with Pastor Chiondadala and encourage him, I hope you will email him at

From Pastor Chiondadala:

I write to explain more about Pentecostal Christian Ministries here in Malawi, Southern Africa, in response to your message on LinkedIn. First and foremost, thanks for creating this blog where we can connect with other Ministries, God bless you.

Pentecostal Christian Ministries has a goal to reach out the whole person with the whole gospel in the whole world.We have these areas we focus on:

1. Evangelism. We are addicted to this as our passion is to be part of those fulfilling the great commission. Please pray for us for more doors to open and resources.

2. Church planting. We are very eager to plant churches where ever possible to disciple people for the kingdom. Pray with us for the spiritual growth and sustainability.

3. Merciful Hands Projects. We believe in reaching out to the whole needs of the societies we work with. These include orphans, widows and the less privileged. Please pray for us so that we get enough resources as the demand is very high due to the high level of poverty striking our societies.

4.Consultancy. We also know that we serve just a portion in this wide field of God’s work and therefore we also help others who need any assistance in ministry affordable to us. These include, hosting missionaries from other nations, organising conferences for foreign ministers, registration of Ministries with the government and many more.

5. Entrepreneurship and investments. The Kingdom of God requires funding and we believe in tent making to meet such demands.we therefore encourage such projects and we are engaging ourselves in agro businesses and construction. Pray for us so that we find enough capital and other investors whom we can work together to the glory of God.