Please join me in praying for Pastor Joash Odhiambo and Brethren Assembly International Ministry in Kenya. A major need is a permanent church home. Please pray for God’s provision. You may read a little more about Pastor Odhiambo here.

From Pastor Odhiambo

Brethren Assembly Fellowship International Ministry, Migori branch is located in Migori region Kenya, along the lake Victoria region, bourder to Tanzania. We have been fellowship in a rental house since 2014 , and indeed God has blessed us with a small plot /peace of land where we have build a non-permanent house, which when it rains heavily, like 2019, the house collapses and we rebuilt it again.

Therefore, due to the insufficient funds, we could not lay down permanent house which can hold us with our children and new members due to its sizes and more so when it rained during service time we must disrupted in all the services . We therefore ask the well-wishes to support us . . . so that we can have a shelter where we meet for fellowship with our children even whether it rains. For our members are coming from poor background where they are dependant. This is why we decided to raise an alarm so that our fellow brothers and sisters who may have mercy to support us build a big permanent church which in return shall hold many people hence no disruption whether it raining or cold weather.