Please continue to pray for the needs of Pastor Bushebi and Gospel Believers Fellowship in Kenya. So much is happening there with the locusts, flooding, and COVID-19.

And join me in praising God for all who are being born again, healed, and set free. You may read previous posts about this ministry here.



Dear Beloved Saint and Family,


Receive warm greetings, and love from Your Brothers and Sister in Kenya, in the greatest name of Jesus Christ!!!

We hope and pray you are fine, safe and healthy, dedicated to His service forever.

SUNDAY SERVICE: Spiritual Warfare!
We had a great Sunday service at Emusanyi GBF Church where the Lord enabled us to open a new structure that has been under construction for some time now. Brother Bushebi led a team to Consecration the Brick Building for use, a long service that ended around 4pm. Emusanyi is among the 9 Churches we have in the Region under Overseer Oketi 40 miles from here. We had Sermon and prayer sessions during which the Lord moved powerfully. Just with Preaching several were filled and overwhelmed by the power of the Holy Spirit and were ministered to.

HARVEST AT SEVERAL CHURCHES: The work of the Holy Spirit!!!!
– 7 People gave their lives to the Lord during Emusanyi Church Consecration
– 3 Received Salvation at Kibachenje Church as God continues to bring many Visitors to this Church
– 3 gave their lives to Christ at Bungoma town
– A Sorcerer gave his life to Christ after his evil spirits back-fired and told him he was wrongly using them against Nasyanda Church
And many more testimonies!!!

– Sister Margaret’s Daughter delivered from demonic sexual harassment got filled with the Holy Spirit powerfully yesterday.
– The Lady, Margaret delivered from demonic ‘sexual’ harassment started fasting on her own for greater levels of God’s presence in her life -testifying all over about what God has done.
– Sister Cecilia’s Baby 9 months, was dying from a demonic attack last night but got relieved after a phone call prayer with Robert
– We can now testify of the Lord’s complete Victory over Al Shabaab terrorists group after much prayers to our Lord God.

Prayer Requests
URGENT PRAYER REQUEST: Blessings to you for standing with Africa!!!

It is difficult to tell but we earnestly need Your prayers for the pending Ministry bills that have accumulated since Covid 19 Pandemic hit us as we concentrated on making sure a big number of the desperate poor and needy, especially Orphans and Widows, got help with food and medication. Currently, we have done our best to pay part of the school fees for Orphans and Foster Children by His hand. We humbly request for your prayers towards the Electricity, Medical, Transportation insurance covers and Maintenance, and Administrative costs that tend to halt Ministry sustenance. We honor the Lord for you and thank you so much for being a great instrument of Hope in these last days!!!

PLEASE, PRAY FOR US: We remain in Prayer for You!!!!
1. Bibles for new Converts 2. Food and help for Orphans, Widows and the Needy 3. Starvation from COVID 19 4. Bikes for Pastors 5. Clean domestic Water 6. The many Sick

Brother Bushebi and GBF Ministry
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