Please continue to pray for the needs of Pastor Bushebi and Gospel Believers Fellowship in Kenya. So much is happening there with the locusts, flooding, and COVID-19.

And join me in praising God for all who are being born again, healed, and set free. You may read previous posts about this ministry here.



Dear beloved Family,


Happy New Year greetings, love and wishes from Kenya, in the greatest and healing name of Jesus Christ!!!
We hope and pray you are fine, safe and healthy, dedicated to His service as appointed.

NEW YEAR SERVICES: Victory Testimonies!
We had wonderful moments during the New Year’s start 2021 with end year Watch-over night, January 1st and Sunday Services where several people decided to start New Year in Christ Jesus. The services were heated up with Praises and calmed in Worship as the Lord moved mightily. Prayer session was awesome seeing the baptism of the Holy Spirit, Healing and Deliverance.

HARVEST AT NEW YEAR’S: The work of the Holy Spirit!!!!
– 3 got saved at Lwanda (Rock) Church
– 5 received Christ at Butieli church
– 9 gave their lives to Christ at Bungoma Hq. church
– 4 got saved at Kibachenje church
– 3 received Salvation at Mungeti church and many more

We had a Children’s Service on January 4th to pray over them for School fees, protection from Covid 19 and excellence in their learning as they re-opened schools amid the diseases and economic challenges.

A Woman and her daughter got delivered from demonic ‘sexual’ harassment during sleep. They narrated about demons coming in different forms of Humans, Animals and sleeping with them till they are tired and they couldn’t not do anything. One time the demon manifested in the form of Woman’s Father-in Law, and Muslim demons. They had tried different Pastors praying over them, tried Witch Doctors’ stuff but didn’t work. Finally we led them into the cleansing stream and now have a testimony of victory over the demons. This Family depended on Pastors to rebuke the enemy but now they enjoy rebuking them by themselves.

Prayer Requests
– Children, orphans and Foster homes Children requirements for 2021 School fees, stationary, uniform and Covid 19 protective requirements etc
– Prayers for relocation of our church Ministry Head Quarter by Railways Cooperation
– Food for Widows, Orphans and the Needy affected by Covid 19
– Locusts that have already invaded parts of the North Eastern region
– Rural Churches still have no Services due to lack of Infra-Red Thermo Guns.

PRAYER ITEMS: We remain in Prayer for You!!!!
1. Bibles for new Converts 2. Food and help for Orphans, Widows and the Needy 3. Starvation from COVID 19 4. Bikes for Pastors 5. Clean domestic Water 6. The many Sick

Brother Bushebi and GBF Ministry
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