Please join me in praying for Naresh Rajora and his ministry in North India.

From Brother Rajora:

We have a small ministry in uttar pradesh, North India. We involved in leadership training. Helping pastor to learn and understand bibles.

As most the pastor are from the villages and did not have much opportunities to go bible college and get the formal bible training. But when they came to lord and they are very passionate for god word and want to share about the lord. But unfortunately due to lack of recourses and opportunities. They are not fully mature in Christ.

For those pastor and leaders we provide shot training and also help them when recourses. Like bibles and other Christian literature. We also helping the poor churches with blankets, carpets, and at many places we provide water facility where the Christians were facing discrimination and pursecution. And not allowed to take water from the community wells.

Kindly pray for our ministry so that together we can do our part in the kingdom of our blessed saviour Jesus Christ. And be a instruments to bring many souls in the kingdom of our lord and help the pastor and leaders to equipped and train so they can fulfill there calling.