Please join me in praying for Pastor Kondeti Kishorebabu and his ministry in India.

From Pastor Koshorebabu (I have pieced together excerpts from several of his emails to me):

thumbnail_IMG-20200119-WA0002I would like to happy to introduce myself as a pastor, teaching the world of God for past 5 years. I devoted and dedicated to proclaim the word of God. I have no monetary assistance from anywhere. I am a pastor having one congregation. . . . My ministry is Gospel Preaching Ministry. In the recent Corona virus I served poor people and teach the true plan of Salvation. Many poor people accept Jesus Christ is the true saviour.I have some co-pastors who are assisting me in declaring the word of God. I can feed some orphan children and old aged. . .

I built a Church in midst of rural area people who are illiterates. All of them are an extremely poor so as to unable to give tithes. My aim is to teach the word of God in our surrounding areas. Many of them are converted from Hinduism.

We are all observing weekly Sunday worship service. I committed to teach the word of God where the word of God is unreached. Some of our poor believers affected corona virus please pray for them to be healed. We need your helping hand in order to promote the work of God in our surrounding areas. . . Some time I can distribute food provisions for the poor and needy. We pray God to strengthen our fellowship to praise God altogether .