Please join me in praying for Pastor Charles Otieno and his ministry in Kenya.

From Pastor Otieno

Our ministry is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to reach the unreached villages, towns, cities and the Nations. We are out to teach the word to understand the Bible as a true word of God and also to plant and build churches where there is no church which teaches the true doctrines.

The congregation of our ministry is one of the active ministries in Migori County, Suna – West Sub County in Kenya. Recently even though people were in a hard condition because of Covid-19, when the pre – opening of churches was done, We managed to welcome more fifteen members to the group.

Through the church members donations, we managed to provide food to some few widows and orphans. We also do fundraiser for helping Widows, orphans to build them shelters, food, clothing, and other spiritual needs of providing them the word of God and purchasing the Bibles to them and study for the word of God.

We also building churches. Our ministry is also supporting Pastors for there missions of preaching the word of God, this is to provide them the means of transportation to reaching out to many people with the truth word of God.

We are requesting you to pray for the Bibles needs and the church buildings. As it is the bad time we facing with the bad disease of Covid-19, we request prayers for the safe of our people in Kenya. We need a lot of prayers from faithful brothers and sisters in Lord so that we may be able to accomplish what the Lord has put on us to do so as to reach His children. Amen.

By Pastor Charles Otieno
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