Please join me in praying for Dr. Monirul Nanok and the ministry of Life Chapel in Bangladesh. You may read more about this ministry on these previous posts.  Also, I hope you’ll take a little time to visit their website.

Current requests from Dr. Nanok:

  1. We need to pray for Bengali bible Distribution in the village area among the non christian.

2. We need help for child Evangelism and youth ministry.

He also requests prayer for these children:

I found 2 heart touching things with about one boy and a girl.

Chandro Biswas he is totally orphan and he doesn’t have any parents. His grand mother is Hindu and she brought him to our Bagdanga children camp to learn about Jesus Christ.

The second one is girl and name is Anushka Biswas. She born in Kolkata and her father left her with mum. Later on her mother came back to Bangladesh with Anushka and mother got married with another man .Her father was very much drougatic person. Now in this situation she is totally hopeless and staying with her grand father place too.

These both boy and girl staying in that village with no hope except Jesus Christ. At the moment they are depending to us and looking for their physical help too. After my close discussion with them I found they are looking for some urgent help to survive in their life. They don’t have cloths to ware it. No body care them what they eats. No hope for education in their life. Even they do not have any warm clothes in this winter time.

It will be great if any one could stand for their needs and pray for them .I am attaching their pictures with this Email so that you could keep them in your daily prayers.