Please join me in praying for Rev. Charles Mwape and the Zambia Youth Ministry Network.

Email I received:

Dear Friends, partners and co-labourers,

Thank You.
Like in Europe soccer/football in Africa is everything. For example in my country Zambia people flood the grounds like no man’s business. I love soccer too and I’m a center forward player.
 Attached is the report I want to share with you how the Lord through ZaYoMiNet uses -air in the ball as an evangelistic tool to reach the young people and parents  of Kandulwe rural area of Masaiti district in the Copperbelt province of Zambia.
About 120 souls got saved.
Please enjoy feeding on the report.
God bless you.
Charles Mwape
ZaYoMiNet President
And his report:

REPORT: KANDULWE COMMUNITY SOCCER    FOR HOPE TOURNAMENT OCTOBER 23-24th, 2020. Room 12 Africa Art Center, Luanshya. Zambia.

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(left) Rev. Charles giving out the Bible to a  new believer
(right) Mukisi ministering to the teens


The vision and mission of Zambia Youth Ministry Network’s (ZAYOMINET) is to bring youth to Christ, train youth leaders, build lasting relationships with young people for spiritual growth, and improve their potential to reap the eternal life benefits in this life and beyond. This is underpinned by a strong community outreach evangelism program and promoting Soccer for Hope. One such Soccer for Hope Tournament was held on 24th October, 2020 in commemoration of Zambia’s 56th Independence Anniversary at Kandulwe community in Masaiti district, approximately 35Km South of Luanshya town. About 800 people attended. And 120 souls gave their lives to Jesus Christ.  And during the showing of the Jesus Film, 24 young men and 40 young women got saved. In addition, many more men and women were prayed for and were rededicated to the Lord.

ZaYoMiNet’s goal for Soccer For Hope is to give hope to the young people, referees, and coaches by discovering the power of God’s salvation and affect them to demonstrate the presence of His reign. Furthermore, to reach-out a large number of teenagers, youth and their parents and spread the gospel and rescue them from sin and hell.

We are passionate to glorify God by meeting the spiritual needs and future aspirations of young people while entertaining them through sports. Since it’s launching in 2009 thousands of people have been harvested into God’s kingdom and hundreds of youth leaders have been invested in resulting into a ripple impact. Players are no longer mere players but have graduated into prayer warriors and preachers.



Rev. Mwape began his sermon with a word of prayer and an ice-breaking activity. He delivered a soul- wining message of God which he quoted from the Holy Bible;


“John 3:16” for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son so that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life. Rev. Mwape concluded his sermon by a questions and answers session to the audience during which one of the participants was given a Holy Bible as a gift. Reflecting on the word “GIFT”, Rev. Mwape gave a profound analogy of three ways how a person can get something s/he wants in life; (1) work for it 2) get as a gift or (3) by stealing from others.

Based on this great analogy, Rev. Mwape urged the audience and particularly young people to adhere to God’s greatest gift to humankind found in John 3:16, “For God so loved the world that he gave His only son that who so ever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal live and approximately 120 people sincerely gave their lives to Jesus Christ as their personal saviour.

Why is soccer important? It’s our evangelistic entry-point into the community. Basically, it has helped to bring reconciliation, unity, and love in the community for the easy advancement of the gospel. Soccer players are not just players but have now become prayer warriors. And like in many countries Soccer is not only a sport but a livelihood; it gives opportunities for young people to play at professional level in national and international leagues. It was the reason why ZaYoMiNet promotes and sponsors Soccer for hope tournament events.


Laston with Charles is the spiritual fruit born from the womb of Soccer for Hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Though his conversion triggered a great enmity in his family and also public amazement from a number of people who witnessed his act of surrender to Jesus for he was coming from a Jehovah’s witnesses’ family. ZaYoMiNet through its youth workers continued to disciple him assuring him hope in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Today, Laston is a strong Christian and Christian soccer coach/referee leading many souls of the players to Christ. Hope is what we want to score among the youth in many Gospel neglected youth communities in Masaiti district and other districts on the Copperbelt province. In line with the vision of fishing thousands of young people into God’s kingdom ZaYoMinet hopes to go a step further in hosting and supporting soccer and netball events more often than annually.

They all came from different directions to hear the Word


Representatives from approximately 5 churches and 4 neighboring primary and secondary schools were represented. Local community leadership, representatives from the local churches and headmaster of Kandulwe primary school assisted greatly in the preparatory work of the event.

The Kandulwe Soccer for Hope Tournament was a successful event due to the demonstrated teamwork between ZAYOMINET staff and the community representatives Interacting with the community members and understanding their spiritual and developmental needs. Much more so the Word of God was invested in people hoping for growth and maturity.

I ask you to pray and consider helping us grow these new believers into servants and ministers with consistent discipleship and leadership training events. Your prayers and financial support would be greatly appreciated!  Together we can!

God Bless you,

Rev. Charles Mwape
ZAYOMINET Co-Founder and President 

If you would like know more about how you can help this ministry, please contact co-founder  Rev. Mark Orr at .   Thank You!