Please join me in praying for Pastor Poorna Chand PS, his wife, Deepar, andthumbnail_105981732_915357435544908_6780846849983959834_n their two children. Pastor Chand is senior pastor of Life Changers Church in Andhra Pradesh India. You may read more about their ministry on their website.

Urgent request from Pastor Chand:

While India is terribly burning with the infectious fire of COVID -19, a massive cyclone has hit the coastal area of Andhra Pradesh which resulted in huge floods, throwing about 200,000 people into utter chaos. We are working hard towards helping these severely suffering families with immediate flood relief. We request you to keep this compassionate mission in your prayers. (You may read more details here. )

Please also pray for the ministry. Below information is from their website.

Church Planting: When we say church, we don’t mean a building but people who have given their lives to Jesus. We strive to setting up a Christian witness in villages where there is none.

Gospel Crusades: Reaching the unreached and neglected masses with the gospel of Jesus Christ. There is no greater joy for us than seeing thousands of people responding to the altar call.

Sending Out Missionaries: While most of the ministers love to serve God in towns and cities, our missionaries are so committed to the cause that nothing can stop them from reaching the remote villages with the gospel.

Bible College (coming soon):  Equipping young men and women with the right knowledge of the Word of God who are passionate about extending God’s kingdom in different parts of India.

Bible Distribution: Blessing new converts who are too poor to buy a Bible for themselves with a Bible so that they can have the privilege of reading God’s Word.

Social services: Homes for orphan children; day care centres for poor children; providing food to frail widows; economy empowerment for young widows; shelter and food for helpless lepers.