Please join me in praying for Pastor Ibrahim Mokua and his ministry in Kenya.

From Pastor Mokua:

God has been faithful to us over here in Kenya. By God’s grace I am a pastor. And we have a fellowship of around 30 members. We believe that is in small things which God’s anointing that does great. That is why we are firm in the foundation of the word.

I also support needy kids who are orphans here. God is blessing me and I feel to serve in that ministry since we are young and growing we have a lot of challenges we are facing.

I am humbly seeking and requesting that you help and support us with prayers for God to open ways for us over here and financially too to acquire Bibles in our local languages Ekegusii Bibles to read and understand his word.

. . . I need prayers God to open doors and ways God to open ways and doors so that our orphanage ministry to get food and other basic requirements in this hard pandemic times. I ask that you always put us in Prayers and God bless you.