Please join me in praying for Pastor Mark Masese and his ministry in Kenya. He shares his testimony and some of his ministry needs below. (Pictured above are orphans they nurture.)

From Pastor Mark:

“Praise the Lord Jesus Christ the son of the living God. I am a pastor in Kenya and I nurture orphans. I greet you in the gracious name of our beloved Holy one the Lord Jesus Christ from whom we are forgiven and saved.

“We are an independent fellowship church group in Kenya desiring to be established in your church ministry. I am a compassionate man with the heart of reaching out for Christ Jesus by spreading his plan truth,The truth is that i was raised up in a misleading doctrine in a church called Mormon where we believed in Joseph smiths prophesy, till six years ago when i started questioning my pastor about God and smith and why read the book of Mormon more  than the bible. He become very arrogant and could not answer my question. I clarified my vision, purified my thoughts, so that it became a mirror reflecting inspiring direct from secret place of the most high at the Centre of my own being. I did this quiet contemplation, not through strenuous effort, but by learning to fast from all negation and to feast upon the affirmation of spiritual realization ,i knew that i needed never break before the onslaught of any confusion that existed around me.

“Today i walk in the light of Gods love so l started searching for His truth and word till when it become clear from scripture that we are misled and then i passionately prayed that our people will be released from this prison. I started my house fellowship two and a half years later and within two months people were curious to know our beliefs. . . .

“When they heard that we are only searching His plain truth in the bible, they started flowing in and now we have a total  membership of 85 ,youths being the majority and we are meeting in a rented church.

“Sister Karen, i kindly request you to pray for us to get bibles of our native language 67  copies costs $670 ,get church Sound system worth $2500, and orphans i nurture God to provide them with food for $350 a month.

In Christ,

Pastor Mark

“Above pictures are my church with members who are in needy of bibles of our native language.” pastor mark