Please join me in praying for Br. Alakapudi Nageswararao and Remote Tribal Mission in South India. I hope you will take a few minutes to visit their website to learn more about this wonderful ministry.

From Br. Nageswararao:

REMOTE TRIBAL MISSION (RTM) Is Non-Profit, Independent, Indigenous, Christian Organization. Dedicated to serving the marginalized Children’s and Community of Tribals in TELENGANA (State), South India.

Established in 2011, RTM has wiped out tears of many and touched lives of many with the help of the Lord’s grace and by generous and like-vision people around the globe. It’s our wish and pleasure to partner with any churches around the world, organizations, institutions, individuals, and missionaries with a passion to teach, preach and help the poor in India. The office of the RTM is located in BHADRACHALAM, in the state of TELENGANA, South India.

Dear Brothers and sisters in Christ, come, share your vision, mission with us. Let us work together to build His kingdom with His love and His word.

We are committed to rescue orphans, and destitute children, widows who are neglected and abandoned, and broken families of India. to bring them to secure facilities where they can gain an education and learn a trade to better support themselves. We rescue girls who are at extremely high risk of being sold into human trafficking or being left to survive on their own abandoned in incredibly inhumane living conditions.

In these efforts, the goal of RTM is to raise up a generation of children in India to know that they can have a future to give them the opportunities they need through good nutrition, education, shelter and training so that they can live a better life and make a positive difference in the communities in which they live.