Please join me in praying for Macdonald Masai and his ministry in Kenya.

From Brother Masai:

We are located in Eastern part of Kenya in Nyanza province Kisii larger District. Our ministry started in March year 2018 in our home place with six members gathering in our house for Bible studying and fellowship on Wednesdays and Sundays for prayers and worship services. We had been going on in serving the Lord in faith and relying on His true word by His grace in Jesus Christ up to now.

Since that time we have experienced God’s anointing for many have been healed in His name and the Lord Has added them that accepts His word to 30 members. We thank God for that increase of souls for His kingdom purpose.

Kindly in God’s will assist us to know more of God’s word! because of the increase of them that were saved ,then it forced us to seek God on what to do and the Lord led us to make a temporal banana fibers church structure shade where we are currently gathering.

About the orphanage: We have 20 orphans, 10 girls aged from 2 to 10 years and 10 boys aged from 2 to 10 years! This are currently staying with us in our home, yet our hearts are burning to hearing more of God’s word through you and for many orphaned children who are suffering in our area for lack of physical and Spiritual needs and we humbly extend this request to your heart praying that God our King of kings to schedule you a trip to Kenya so that For His house you may impact the lives of His little angels {orphans} here that they may have hope and future in Jesus name!

Our . . . family in the Lord, since Kenya is one of the third world countries, we are facing many social, political and mostly economical problems and so we would like to request that you pray for us that God may open us a way to build a better church structure for prayers and worship services, get the public address system to help in worship and praise songs, food, clothe and shelter the orphans!

We hope that we will be in God’s Divine presence and favor as we came on your way and that God will grant that we might know His manifold wisdom and that Christ will dwell in our hearts by faith according to the eternal purpose which He purposed in Christ Jesus our Lord as you agree to share and further His kingdom with us here on His earth!

Am married to sister Eunice who is a humble lady who helps me to carry the vision I have for the Kingdom of God and His people. We are in our 6th anniversary and we are blessed with 2 beautiful children in the Lord. I got saved when I was 18 years of age I was attending a Sunday service in Full Gospel churches of Kenya where we were attending at that time. Because of the long distance to where the church was located i and my wife saw it was better to have our fellowship near our home ,that is how our vision began. . . .

Currently we are praying God to open ways for us to build a better church structure where we will be worshiping Him. We also have an orphan children care ministry of which we would like to request you that in whatever thing you do for the Lord, kindly remember us in your faithful prayers so that God may by His grace in Jesus open us a way to feed,clothe and shelter them! We hope and pray God to open you more ways so that the good news of salvation may be preached to all people according to His Divine will,purpose and direction by His grace in Jesus to the glory and honor of His name,amen!

. . . We don’t have a name since we are a young organization that needs to grow spiritually under your mentor ship and cover!! We will be glad if our prayer requests be granted to the glory and honor of God’s name! Remain blessed abundantly in God’s kingdom as you labor for its purpose! We are in faith hoping to hear from you in Jesus name! Our greetings to you all.

Top row left to right: orphans crying for food; Brother Masai’s home burning; an aged widow. Bottom right: 2 orphans staying in forest.