Please join me in praying for Pastor David Samuel in India and his ministry, Indian Rural Gospel Mission. They are taking steps to start a business to help ministries. You may read more about what they do here and about the great need for prayer and encouragement. Please also take a few minutes to visit their website.

From Pastor Samuel:

i earnestly prayed and seeking God’s guidance to start any business ministry to do fund rise for sustainable resource for the ministry, because we need funds for our ministry of evangelism, church planting, discipleship training, pastors ministry training and bible school etc.

So I skipped paper making business because, there is prohibition in this product also, because there is a plastic lamination on the paper plates, so health and consumer department banned paper plates too. So in order to avoid the asking and looking other to support our ministry I decided to start small business ministry that purchased Chappell, T-shirt, shoes, sarees and other items from the Manufacture Company and give to the street vendors and church members to sell in the open market and evening bazaar to do fund rise for the ministry, it will be the sustainable resource for our ministry.

I’m planning to give products to other churches also to sell for their fund rise, There are many jobless people in our churches, they can sell it for commission basic so that they can earn something to run their family and give tithe and offering to churches so that church can be develop, and it will be the self supported churches. So we should not want expect others to support the ministry. I contacted few manufacture companies, they have sent sample selling goods to me and they are ready to send the product when we make the payments

So prayer for investment.