Please take a few minutes to read this beautiful testimony and join me in praying  for Pastor Dan, Trumpet Church, and Trumpet Kids Children’s Home in Kenya.

From Pastor Dan:

Thanks my Precious precious Sister Karen. Let me introduce myself and our ministry to you since i am new here .

I am Pastor Dan from kenya Africa. I lead Trumpet church and Trumpet kids childrens home . I together with my wife Brenda have served the Lord well and we are so happy and satisfied from our hearts for the far God has taken Trumpet church and Trumpet orphans . We have been seving the Lord since 2016 when God called us to raise the orphans .

I and my wife married in 2010 and we lacked a child of our own , my wife received a vision from God and directed her to the market where she got a girl sneefing gum and the girl started asking her for money which my wife had gone to do some shopping. My wife interrogated the little girl aged 7years and discovered that the girl had no parent at all and she requested my wife to take her to her home . Since my wife loved to have a child , she brought her home, washed her , and gave her clothes . When i came back home from digging trenches i met the girl and ran to me, i thanked God for this child inside my heart !!!! As days went by, the girl kept telling us the horrible stories, challenges and hard life they were facing in the streets. she told us to go and visit her peers in the streets on a sunday .

We heard her and we went on a sunday carrying on our bibles . We met another three boys and two girls !!!! Since they knew Nyaboke whom was now the girl my wife rescued , they were very happy as they sat down to listen to us . We read the book of psalms 41:1-3 to the young boys and girls. We asked them if they can be willing to go home with us . All of them agreed !!!

That was the birth of Trumpet church and Trumpet childrens Home kenya . I was not employed , nor my wife was employed ???? It was so hard financially to cater for the needs of the children . We thank God for the four members of the church who stood with us in giving us food , clothes , shoes and personal effects. Our church membership continued to grow tremendously and more church members greatly supported us in meeting the needs of the children .

In 2017 , God gave us our own child baby Boy Blessing and we continue thanking God for His Greatness. The child is living knowing that all other children are his brothers and sisters . Today , our church and orphanage is growing by and large . We thank God for his marvelous grace for the church and childrens home kenya .

The church has a membership of 48 adult members , 16 children ( and 32 orphan children. These children needs special care and attention since we are struggling with meagre budgets since the government of kenya locked down the country and suspended all social gatherings including church gatherings . Church members who used to sponsor specific children of their choice are now unable to meet the needs of the children as they used to because they can neither work or perform any manual work to meet even their personal family needs . Some of the children need physical and mental attention!!!! . . .

Our compassion mission MUST continue to reign as we are alive . Our prayers is to get sponsors who can stand with us in touching the lives of these vulnerable children . To get a good house , clothing , Clean water and particulary most urgent is food and facemasks right now. We would love to be in touch with faithful men and women of God who will not only support materially but socially, spiritually and pychologically.

Pastor Dan kabuki Pastor and core Director Trumpet church and Trumpet kids childrens home kenya Note: Our church email is