Please join me in continued prayer for Tap Raj Bhatta and his wife, Maya, in Nepal. He isthumbnail_105981732_915357435544908_6780846849983959834_n the Jesus Film Media Coordinator there under Campus Crusade for Christ. You may read previous posts here.

Ministry Update

I am ministering in all over Nepal under Campus Crusade for Christ. It is my privilege that I am serving Lord with my wife Maya in Nepal Campus Crusade for Christ and I am on a spiritual movement to serve Jesus faithfully and to fulfill the vision He has placed in my heart. As a staff of Nepal Campus Crusade for Christ and I have been anointed to spread God’s gospel for Nepal and around the Himalayan country of Nepal that will bless and uplift the body of Christ.

We entered new year 2020 AD with an unexpected disruption to our lives. In a
short time, most of our plans for 2019-20 have to be postponed indefinitely. At Nepal CCC, we too are impacted by COVID-19. We have had to adjust some of our JESUS Film ministry plans.

Our recordings were postponed and follow up for languages translation meetings are now held on phone call and messenger. Our official meetings are held on Zoom as rest of world. Our discipleship process and equipping leaders is doing through online as possible. We and our leaders meet on video conferencing platforms. Thank you for your unwavering support for us. We deeply appreciate your partnership and support, especially in such challenging times. During this COVID-19 season, we are humbled to you for your faithful prayer, financial support and heart for Nepal CCC ministry!

Prayer Points

  • Praise the Lord that He has provided a scooter to Maya for ministry purpose, may God bless you all for your faithful prayers.

  • Thank God for His grace and guidance in JF ministry as we are able to dub 2 more JESUS Film in the month of February and March, 2020.

  • Pray that God would grant His wisdom and knowledge that we could translate many more languages during lockdown.

  • Pray for our beloved prayer and ministry partners that may God bless them and their family with sound health.

  • Pray for our full support for this ministry year 2020-21 that still we have lacking of US$ 200 per month.